A woman become millionaire overnight

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A woman from Bargo in Australia won $3.5 million in the Set for Life draw, only finding out through a Facebook post. 

A lucky woman won US$3.5 million on August 29, 2021, from the Set for Life draw and only found out about her win through social media.

Austalia’s Bargo woman, New South Wales, Australia, found out about the mystery winner via Facebook and checked her ticket.

A woman in her 80s looking at the computer monitor.

A woman become millionaire overnight

The total prize will be given in instalments every month for 20 years. The woman told Australian lottery corporation The Lott’s officials:

“I had absolutely no idea. I had seen on the Bargo Community Facebook Page that someone had won division one in Set for Life, but they couldn’t find the winner.”

According to the woman’s account, people were crazy about the jackpot prize of millions. She checked her tickets at the news agency.

A man buys a lottery ticket in a 7-Eleven in the Loop, Chicago, Illinois on January 22, 2021.

A woman become millionaire overnight

After scanning the ticket, she discovered that her division 1 entry was the only one to win. She shared that :

“I don’t really remember what happened next. My mind went blank from the shock. My legs went all jiggly; I had to hold myself up.”

Although she is still disbelieving and emotional, the woman knows exactly what to do with her winnings. She has one thought: Stop working.

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After working in stressful conditions for over a decade, she decided to retire. She also plans to donate to a charity close to her heart.

A man in Michigan, USA won another lottery prize after picking the numbers that were most frequently drawn.

The winner plans to use her spare time to travel the world and take a first-class luxury holiday.

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She will be celebrating by drinking champagne outside while she thinks about how to spend the cash prize. Bargo Newsagency sold the winning ticket. The owner was delighted to have seen a winning ticket.

A woman become millionaire overnight

A man in Michigan, USA won another lottery prize after picking the numbers that were most frequently drawn.

An anonymous winner aged 59 years old took home $376 564, and he planned to invest the money.

Open on a smartphone, an online sweepstakes app.

“I used to always play easy picks,” He said. “But then I started studying the numbers and playing what came out the most, and it worked!”He.

Lottery winners from many countries have come forward to share their amazing stories. Each one is a surprise about their unanticipated win.


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