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Casino travelling is for those that are feeling lucky, there is no doubt about that. We can all agree that anyone that plans their holiday, with the hopes of hitting some serious winnings, is an avid enthusiast when it comes to gambling. That is why they put hotel rooms in casinos, right? So, we do not have to call it a day and say goodbye, sooner rather than later.


Casino resorts are the reason why many travel around the US, to gamble within the land based sites, without any legal issues, which can happen when gambling. However, you do not need to limit yourself to land based casinos anymore, things have very much evolved and have gone up and beyond. If you are searching for some serious incentives and promotions to accommodate you, next time you gamble online, is the spot that you need to hit up. Sure, travelling to a casino resort and hotspot is cool, but why not have both?

Las Vegas Nevada 

We will start with the pretty obvious sports first. Las Vegas attracts hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, it’s one of those cities that never sleeps when gambling is concerned. While you will find plenty of casinos to entertain yourself with here, there are also elegant places to dine, have breakfast and group activities for families to enjoy. Las Vegas pretty much has it all here.

Many tourists get put off and think it is a pricey destination to have a decent holiday in, but you are wrong! Many people go to Vegas and enjoy themselves, as the venues here are budget friendly and range through a series of different prices, so that everyone can have their cake and eat it! If you are contemplating taking a trip and visiting Vegas for yourself, make sure to check out the hotspots of the city with The Ventian and Caesars Palace being two of the tip destinations. 

Macau China 

Macau is one of the biggest casino destinations within the world. It attracts some of the wealthiest of gamblers, as time and time again, this location has been compared to Monte Carlo for the casino facilities that it provides. As we all know about the Monte Carlo, It is the most luxurious of gambling zones around the world, that boasts the epitome of luxury. This spot within all of Asia is on the top out there, you will not find a casino in the region of Asia that can top China’s location. 

The casinos here are also the backbone of the economy and make up a huge amount of the revenue that China generates. Gambling is actually illegal outside of the designated casinos, meaning China placed a pretty strategic location to utilise people’s love for gambling. Should you get a little bit hungry during your stay, make sure you check out the multiple restaurants and shops that are integrated within the casino area and experience. If you happen to be very lucky during your stay, you can take a side shopping trip to spend some of the lucky money that you managed to make, because why not?

Salzburg Austria 

Europe is known for its beautiful landscapes and architecture. Yet it also has some of the most beautiful casino locations too. Take the Salzburg for example, this casino is located near the Alps, so you have a magnificent view while you lounge and hit those poker tables. It is perfectly ideal, if you are a tourist who wants to explore the surrounding cities and immerse themselves in the entire cultural and historical experience that Austria actually brings.

The building of the casino itself actually brings to light the era of the Baroque, where the buildings have a reputation for being highly elegant and beautiful. The surrounding grounds of this casino do have other attributes which may attract you. In fact, there is a culinary experience within Salzburg that will get you salivating at the mouth, from the moment that you get a whiff of the food aroma in the air. 

If you are also wondering what history does the casino building actually hold, it actually used to be a castle that was renovated within the 1930’s. Since its renovation, it was rejuvenated as a perfect destination for gambling and society gatherings after the period of the war. If you happen to be joining the casino with you and your party, you are able to get some personal tours of the grounds with in depth detailing of the historical accounts that this building has to offer you during your stay.

Monte Carlo Monaco 

This casino is famously known from its appearance within the casino sequel of the James Bond Movie, Casino Royale. It is located very near the coast of Monaco itself, meaning you will be able to immerse yourself into an experience that exceeds what you possibly could imagine. Monaco is known for its luxuries and beautiful elite location, where all the wealthiest just lounge and go about their day. This often is the perfect location for those enthusiastic gamblers that are willing to splurge and go all out in the name of a luxurious holiday. While there is a hotel on site within the casino, there are many restaurants and places to dine, should you wish to mix it up from the usual hotel/casino scene.

Being that they filmed so many casino movies within the exact venue, the poker tables that are spread across the site may seem very familiar to you. Especially the Hold’em poker table that the famous 007 managed to beat le Chiffre and the terrorist organisation that he was working for. It should most definitely bring you back many memories no doubt.

Nassau Bahamas 

The Bahamas is another spot that is famous for the wealthy few to hang around in. However, in terms of gambling, the Bahamas is great for actually hitting some poker tables, the Nassau is known for hosting some of the best gambling fun for those that are seeking it of course. Many from the USA make their way to this casino, as it actually is not that hard to reach from Florida. Just a quick flight or a cruise and you are on the mainland and hotspot of the Caribbean. 

This casino is known for hosting multiple poker events, particularly for the World Series Poker. Each year a venue is picked, but you can guarantee when Nassau is selected, players are most certainly willing to oblige to head on over here. With several lagoons, a sea location, and impeccable casino services, where can you actually go wrong here?

Shreveport Louisiana 

Louisiana is home to good music, food and culture, with New Orleans literally around the corner. However, there is much more that is available for you to enjoy there too! The Shreveport casino provides tourists with amazing fun and downtime as they travel to explore the heritage the state offers. The casino has its quirks in addition to some super cool features that you would not get to experience if you went anywhere else. There is a river boat that can take you and your party down Louisiana, with fitting jazz music and super loud lively music to accompany your vibe. While the casino action is the least to offer here, there is of course, some top-quality casino gambling opportunities too. 

The casino itself provides budding punters with the opportunity to explore all betting opportunities, meaning you can even do some sports betting here too, from the live screens that showcase all the live sports within different areas of the venue. If sports gambling is not so much your thing, you will be able to check out the slots machines that are available on site. Those are actually hosted with multiple themes, and there are over 1300 to play on, across the venue of the Shreveport casino.


Who does not like a little bit of what the tropics of Aruba can offer you. The casino here is located on the cusp of the beaches, meaning you can almost pretty much smell the sea salt here, no problem! The casinos located here are more than one, meaning you will have a large opportunity to go from casino to casino, and really explore what there is to offer to you as a fellow gambler. 

The island does have a reputation for having secret poker players who roam the island, with a hot hand of cards at the ready. The reason we say this, is because Aruba actually hosts Caribbean Stud poker tournaments to all the international folks that join the island to play. It is a very reputable spot to visit if you have never been before. Even if you want to just relax on a deck chair in the sun, sipping cocktails, there is nothing stopping you here at all!

Famous hotels that are actually located on the island, include the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort Hotel, the Aruba Marriott Resort, the Ritz Carlton and the Stellaris. All these hotels are prestigiously known and feature amongst the island too, for you to base your stay there!

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