Get summer ready with these 12 travel tips

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By Clinton Moodley Time of article published 41m ago

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This summer will be quite different due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that you have a sizzling and safe holiday.


Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise

It surprises me that many people are not sanitising or making use of the sanitisers provided. You should sanitise at every opportunity, whether you are entering a hotel, enjoying an activity or meandering to a charming spot in the city. We are still fighting a pandemic.

Do not travel in large crowds

As much as you want to jam-pack your itinerary to make up for everything that you have missed these past few months, reducing your daily activities will help you appreciate a tourist destination. With more people exploring, always be mindful of the queues at a destination. If there’s a large number of people, you should leave that adventure for another day.

Take travel insurance, you will thank yourself later

When travellers book their holiday, they usually don’t take travel insurance when travelling within the country. Travel insurance is mandatory during Covid-19, especially if you are travelling to other parts of the country. Speak to your local travel agent or insurance company for the quote that best suits you.

Social distance, even if you know the people around you

Many people are now travelling in groups without keeping a safe distance. Most of them say: “None of us has the virus, so it’s fine”. Unless this has been confirmed by a Covid19 test, rather maintain a 2m distance at all times. Always ensure you wear a mask. The responsibility is on the traveller to abide by all the regulations when they embark on their trip.


Bikini and swim shorts

No summer holiday is complete without a bikini or swim shorts. Besides, it would be hard to resist a swim if your hotel has a pool or if there is a beach nearby.


Pack a few t-shirts to pair with jeans or shorts. They’re also handy when there are unforeseen accidents that require a change of clothing.


Protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen before you step outside. Be generous with it!

A good moisturiser

Summer is the perfect time to moisturise and hydrate your skin. Ask your dermatologist to recommend the best products for you.

A shoe for every occasion

Pack a pair of sandals, a good pair of running shoes and something formal.


Stay vigilant

Always check your surroundings at all times. No matter how safe a place seems, it’s best to remain alert even on holiday.

Minimalism is key

Sure, you want to flash your latest smartphone or watch, but those expensive items may lure criminals. Take essential items and leave the bling back at your hotel. If you are carrying valuables, keep them safely hidden.

Plan your beach day

While you may want a spontaneous beach day, planning is vital. Try not to go when the beach is full as pickpocketing incidents happen mostly when there are large crowds.

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