Cruise Line Becomes First to Resume Cruises Since March

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SeaDream Yacht Club became the first luxury cruise line to resume cruises when one of their ships departed from Oslo on Saturday.

This marks the start of the first luxury line in the world to resume operations since March 2020.

SeaDream’s Norwegian voyages have sparked an overwhelming excitement. The cruise line had initially plan to sail in Norway with only one ship, SeaDream I, for 9 voyages. After the first voyages started quickly selling out, SeaDream made the decision to add SeaDream II to double capacity and meet the overwhelming demand.

Thanks to their size, SeaDream’s superyachts are able to quickly adapt their itineraries to comply with government regulations. SeaDream is able to visit exclusive destinations that other ships cannot due to their size. SeaDream chose Norway this summer for its extremely low incidence of COVID-19. The destinations were hand-picked by SeaDream’s CEO and Founder, Atle Brynestad.

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Additionally, SeaDream’s award-winning service and almost 1:1 crew to guest ratio allows them to bring a luxurious experience while protecting everyone’s health and safety. SeaDream’s Signature Service gained global recognition over almost 20 years. The crew took the pause in operations as an opportunity to hone their skills, rejuvenate the yachts, and completed WHO’s official COVID-19 course for hygiene procedures and infection management.

“We are very proud to be the first luxury line to resume operations. Our preparation has paid off as we are able to maintain the experience of luxury onboard while ensuring everyone’s health, comfort, and safety,” said SeaDream’s Andreas Brynestad. “Everyone around the world has been affected by the health crisis. This historic moment feels like good news not just to our team, but our industry as a whole.”

SeaDream has a natural affinity with health, wellbeing and vitality. The yachts offer a naturally healthy, outdoor environment where space, fresh air and healthy food have always been a central component. SeaDream promotes a healthy, strong and active experience and appeals to guests with a similar outlook. This makes not just for a happy yacht, but an extremely healthy one too.

The SeaDream experience is known for its personalized, award-winning service, 5-star cuisine, intimate ports and exceptional onboard features such as the Balinese Dream Beds to sleep under the stars and the Watersports Marina complete with water toys for the perfect yachting vacation.

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