7 types of holidays we will take after lockdown

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By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jun 5, 2020

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2020 travel is pretty different due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and some experts are claiming travel won’t be the same.  

Here are some holidays people will be leaning towards once the lockdown is lifted: 

Staycations and road trips

When you’ve been confined to 5km radius around your home in the early hours of the morning, a staycation at a hotel or B&B in your city, local break or road trip has never been more appealing. 

Sue Garrett, General Manager of Product and Marketing at the Flight Centre Travel Group, said all the predictions indicate that local travel will be the first to bounce back. Garrett expects local travellers to start dipping their toes into the water with local breaks, and road trips to weekend getaways not far from home. 

She said self-catering holidays and self-drive will be huge, followed by trips a little further from home, involving domestic flights. Staycations and local or regional micro-cations (holidays shorter than five nights) give you bang for your buck. 

Mindful travel

Mindful travel, emphasising physical and mental health, will remain a number one priority for all in the months and years to come.The opportunity to travel as a means of enriching your soul and body, and returning home more centred than you left is going to become even more of a trend. Explore mindful local getaways or even a yoga session on the beach or in a local park. Travellers are going to seek out more ways to travel responsibly. 

Responsible and sustainable travel is much more than saying no to a plastic straw. It’s about being mindful when you choose your destination and activities, getting involved in an authentic way with the local community, reducing your carbon footprint, buying local and being respectful of the culture and environment. Leave no trace travel is essential for the future.  

Train travel

Travellers are set to seek out more unusual modes of transport. For those who prefer slow travel in more ‘exclusive travel bubbles,’ South Africa’s luxury train network may see an influx of (socially-distanced) travellers. 

The nostalgia and romance of train travel are incredibly appealing for those who may be looking for something beyond a flight. The Blue Train and Rovos Rail train are South Africa’s most luxurious train travel journeys. 

Intra-African travel

Garrett said Africa is uniquely positioned to make a slow, but sure, recovery. “The vast expanse and diversity of the African continent is off the beaten track and away from large crowds. We expect to see this type of adventurous, bush break safari-style travel increase in popularity. The shorter flight times will also be appealing,” she said. Among popular destinations include Mauritius and Zanzibar. 

Get even more off the beaten path than before

While social distancing restrictions may lift, ‘social-distanced travel’ will be preferred by many, especially in the months to come. Think off the beaten path adventures, hiking weekends and family camping trips. Not only is this type of travel an opportunity to ‘take it slow’ but serves a fundamental purpose in supporting the local travel and tourism industry. 

Fly and flop holidays

Fly and flop holidays, which are package holidays combining airfares, hotels, transfers and perhaps a few extras in a neat, money-saving package, should continue to be popular. Popular fly and flop holiday destinations include Mauritius, Zanzibar and Mozambique.The short flight time and the desire to escape to a safe, tranquil haven will be higher than ever. 
Bleisure trips

Combining business trips with leisure will be more attractive than ever. Experts predict a pent-up demand for corporate travel with small groups and essential meetings trips being booked. Extensive group travel and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) will follow at a later stage. Bleisure, combining work trips with a leisure element, were already popular pre-pandemic. 

According to a report by Expedia Media Solutions, around 60 percent of business trips in the last year have included a leisure portion. After all, it makes sense. You’re already in the destination and a few days pre- or post will ensure you arrive back home refreshed and ready to take on the world. It’s a smart travel trend that is set to continue.

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