2021 | Pack-of-5 day at the ISLAND of CURAÇAO for us$ 999 for up to 12 monthly payments at no interest

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* * Please note: stay tuned for the date of the publication of this material, as all of the prices and the deals that are subject to the availability of stock and the duration of the offerthat has a limited amount of time. Price changes can occur at any time, without prior notice to you. For the price, or the total value of the service may be changed in accordance with the town and the possibility that other taxes.

You could start to prepare for the holiday, 2021 and to pay for a very cheap price for the five days in a little paradise in the middle of the Caribbean sea? This is what Hurb has to offer in a package to Curacao, with airfare and lodging at less than$ 1,000!

On the package

Curacao is a caribbean island belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, renowned for, among other things, the hidden coves, coral reefs and colonial architecture in pastel colours is in the capital Willemstad. In addition to all of the beaches and marine life, including by sea — you can learn more about the floating Bridge Queen Emma and the synagogue, the Mikveh Israel-Emanuel, built in the XVII century building, with a floor of sand.

The offer is part of a promotional package from the Hurb is named the Package for the Date to be Flexible. It works like this: you purchase a package of 5 -, 8 -, or 10 days, and at the time of the purchase, since you choose three possible dates for your trip, within a limited time – in this case, between the months of march and November 2021 (except for the month of July. Once you have paid the first installment, you only need to wait for feedback from the agency about the possibility of making reservations for any of the dates as well. The final confirmation is made by 45 days prior to the earliest date suggested for you, with all of the information, data, and flight data to confirm this.

On the Hurb

Also known as the City of the Hurb is a travel agency in the brazilian which was founded in January of 2011, and it already has more than 20 million travelers were registered, which were more than 35 thousand of destinations around the world.

The mission is to make your travel simpler, more in, the Hurb priority at affordable prices, and its main product is the sales rate at the hotels, but also deals with flight tickets, sightseeing, transportation, and much, much more.

In addition to the exclusive benefits to the agency and allows for payment via bank transfer, installment payment, in up to 12 monthly payments interest-free and cancellation-free.

With more than 12 million followers on Facebook, the Hurb has the stamp of Disney to Select, that is, the agency is part of a group of operators that represent to the Walt Disney World Resort in Brazil is entitled, therefore, to overcome the packets for that specific destination as sought-after. These packages include tickets, accommodation in the hotels in Disney, dining in the local restaurants, transportation, cruises, and content on Disney’s exclusive.

Very cheap!

You may be familiar with, and in 2021, the paradise on the Caribbean sea by taking advantage of a special price, in spite of the high for the dollar! The promotion of the Hurb is entitled to 5 days in Curacao for$ 999, that you can afford to pay up to 12 times on the slip, or card, with no interest charge. The price includes flights departing from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, and stay in ON Vacation, Curacao, or another hotel of the same category) with breakfast in the morning.

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