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  • If you’re planning a wedding, you’re likely also thinking about what comes after the big day: the honeymoon.
  • Certain romantic destinations regularly rise to the top of couples’ wish lists for good reason — Hawaii, Paris, Bora Bora — but plenty of lesser-known places are equally unforgettable with fewer crowds and more affordable luxury hotels.
  • We curated a list of eight honeymoon destinations to consider in 2020 around the globe, with the best hotels to stay in each based on our experience, research, and ratings from fellow travelers.
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Some of the best places to honeymoon remain consistent year after year: Hawaii and Mexico are enduring and beautiful, while European capitals and coastal destinations like the ever-romantic Paris or the photogenic Greek isles remain top of mind for engaged couples. 

But when it comes to the best places to honeymoon in 2020, there’s a strong argument to be made for venturing off the beaten path. Some of the globe’s less-traveled or more-underrated destinations offer just as much (if not more) stunning scenery with better value on luxury hotels … and fewer selfie sticks to shatter your serenity. 

Whether you’re walking down the aisle this year or planning for next year, expand your map to include our top picks for places that offer the perfect mix of romance, adventure, and indulgence in places such as South and Central America, Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Azores, and New Zealand — all with unforgettable hotels.

We selected these hotels from our own sublime experiences as well as based on top Trip Advisor ratings and reviews. Most hotels feature starting rates from about $200 to $600 per night, or slightly higher for all-inclusive honeymoon packages with dining and excursions.

These picks are priced for mere mortals, so they won’t put a newlywed couple deep in debt as they start their lives together. But they are every bit filled with romance, bucket-list activities, and exposure to other-worldly beaches and landscapes — every ingredient you’d want for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon you’ll forever cherish. Cheers to love and incredible travel in 2020.

Here are eight of the best honeymoon destinations and hotels for 2020:

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