Cape Town rated as one of best cities for solo female travellers

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By Clinton Moodley Time of article published 1h ago

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Tourlane, which describes themselves as a leading planning and booking service for expert-made dream vacations, revealed the top 50 best cities for female solo travellers. 

According to its website, Google Trends reported a 131 percent increase in interest in female solo travel in 2019 alone. 

So, Tourlane’s female travel experts curated the list to see the places female travellers should visit. 

The list was based on eight categories: female representation in local businesses, gender equality in society, legal equality, safety, price of female-friendly accommodation, price of a taxi ride, mobile internet speed and the price of data plan. 

The research found that Europe was the best-represented continent in the ranking with 26 cities on the list. Asia had 10 cities in the ranking, making it the second best-represented continent, while South America had more cities in the ranking compared to North America. Africa and Oceania both had two cities in the ranking.

Cape Town in the Western Cape made the list. The city scored an overall score of 43.48. It faired well in the transport, justice and accommodation categories. However, it received a score of 0 for safety. Claiming the top spot was Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city. Ljubljana scored 62.80. 

The city faired well in the equality, justice, safety, data and taxi score. It did not perform well in the internet speed category. Following close by was Singapore in Singapore with a score of 61.5. It received a full 10 for safety and received above-average marks for the rest of the categories. In third place was Vilnius in Lithuania with a score of 60.88. 

The city may have received average marks in the internet category, but it managed to do well in the justice, taxi and data score. Tourlane’s Senior Travel Product Manager, Arlett Walleck, said female solo travel is one of the hottest travel trends right now.

“The results of this year’s study show that regardless of geography and budget, every female solo traveller around the world has excellent travel options within easy reach,” said Walleck. 

See the full list here. 

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