Soneva Fushi in the Maldives made us rethink our life choices

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Before we strap ourselves in on this wide armchair aboard a seaplane heading towards the Baa Atoll in the Maldives and listen to Norah Jones serenade us via the wireless headphones, be warned that this is not your regular hotel review. 

Granted, no Lifestyle Asia review is ever your regular review, but there is so much about the Maldives that has already been said, that it feels almost exhausted. Sure, we will swoon for the colour of the sea which feels like a Photoshop filter no matter how many times you rub your eyes, whilst the dolphins do a 180-degree flip galore every time we look over the topaz gem-like waters against the sunset.

We’re not quite sure if that last one is biologically correct, but you get the gist. 

And yet, no — this is the story of how we checked in to Soneva Fushi in the Maldives as seemingly regular city dwellers, and checked out and clocked out of so many lifestyle choices upon our return. A transformative stay at a resort that is really changing the game — even more relevantly now than ever before.

[All images courtesy of Soneva Fushi]

Soneva Fushi
Resort Villa


Soneva Fushi is located in the Baa Atoll on Kunfunadhoo Island, which at approximately 1.4 kilometres long and 400 metres wide is one of the largest islands in the Maldives. Upon landing at Male International Airport, a Tesla greeted us with open arms and flapping doors, and after checking our luggage into the seaplane terminal, took us to a private lounge where we awaited the glorious aircraft for the onward journey. 

Soneva Fushi
Soneva Fushi Resort Villa

There is a lot we loved about the weekend at Soneva Fushi, but on a pedestal of Top 3 Moments, the seaplane journey ranks incredibly high. The sprawling blue beneath you and the sprinkling of islands and reefs you fly over are entirely surreal and a big wow factor, giving even the proud urbanite enough subtle seconds to think about the beauty of the planet. It’s a good prelude to what awaits at Soneva Fushi itself. 

“There is a lot we loved about the weekend at Soneva Fushi, but on a pedestal of Top 3 Moments, the seaplane journey ranks incredibly high.”

Journey to Soneva

After 30 minutes on the seaplane and 30 Instagram stories later, we landed at Soneva Fushi ‘International Airport’ and were each received by our personal butlers — except they aren’t called ‘personal butlers’ here, but rather Mr or Mrs Friday. Aboard a short boat ride to the island, our Mr Friday welcomed us with a fresh juice and introduced us to Soneva’s infamous “No Shoes, No News” policy. This means you won’t be wearing Loubs, Jordans, or whatever pleases your feet during the entire duration of your stay, and you also won’t have access to the news in the form of TV channels (do not fear, there is Netflix here) or newspapers. As visitors on a press trip, this last feat was lightly terrifying, but we soon came to find it extremely relaxing.

Soneva Fushi
Resort Villa Exterior


There are 62 private villas at Soneva Fushi, each with their own stretch of pristine beach. The design ethos is one that balances privacy with a pure and honest connection to nature, with almost every villa type boasting a pool, and unusually large open-air bathrooms set within private gardens. Villas range from 1-9 bedrooms, and every single villa type includes private butler — nay, Mr/Mrs Friday — service.

We stayed in the Soneva Fushi Suite with Pool. Furnishings and decor are cosy yet not intrusive, and where interior design feels slightly lacking, the villas make up for in ample living space. Even the bathroom boasts a cosy daybed, for crying out loud. 

Lounging and dining spaces at the villa

In fact, there are multiple napping areas should you crave them, from the sunbeds and the hammock outside to the daybed by the pool, the countless pillows on the large sofa, the bed itself, and the bathroom. It’s a game-changer, really, to have that many options to take a snooze. 

“There’s an On/Off switch for the WiFi in the villas. Simple, yet somewhat groundbreaking, and very effective. We slept like babies drunk on warm milk. “

Villa Features

Beyond naps, there are small touches in the bedroom that really stood out for us at Soneva Fushi. There’s a really neat pillow and duvet menu (we went for silk, 10/10 recommend). The drinking water is sustainably sourced on the island and comes in glass bottles (there’s a general absence of plastic, too). The directory booklet has instructions for stargazing and astrological charts. And it even lists the best ways to have the best sleep while you’re here. We were particularly struck by one page which depicted the frequencies that exist in the air, with the most disruptive being that of the WiFi. Considering this, there’s even an On/Off switch for the WiFi in the villas. Simple, yet somewhat groundbreaking, and very effective. We slept like babies drunk on warm milk.

Soneva Fushi
‘Fresh in the Garden’ restaurant starlight table


Getting around Soneva Fushi is done largely on (bare)foot, or by way of bicycle. Your Mr or Mrs Friday can also pick you up in a golf buggy, though we highly advise going with the other two options. No matter how you ride, there is a multitude of dining experiences to explore, from bespoke meals in remote locations to Michelin-starred dishes prepared by renowned visiting chefs. 

Breakfast was inarguably the highlight to our tastebuds. It is served at ‘Mihiree Mitha’, which translates to “here it is” from the local language. The culinary heart of the island, the all-day dining venue features a large selection with many live cooking stations. We particularly loved the fresh fruit selection and the salad room, home to many a sprout and spread grown on the island itself. The health elixirs are also a must-try, and make for a solid start to the day, particularly if you like shots.

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