You Can Buy This Mysterious Tennessee Base Complete With Mountaintop Runway

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Highly improved recreational ranch with private airfield, excellent interior roads, live streams, timber, and a large abundance of wildlife. Paved road access and some paved private interior roads. Estimated over $1,000,000 spent in private ranch road network.


2,300 x 100+/- airstrip with a control tower and two hangars.

Two very nice metal insulated hangars each one is 3,500 +/- square feet.

Four nicer modular buildings on property.

Large double- winged equipment shed with central insulated shop and office quarters.

Fiber optic line had been laid to the interior of the ranch.

4 large, high- elevation observation tower stations scattered throughout the ranch provide magnificent views of both landscape and wildlife.

Interior Roads:

Over 10.5 miles of engineered high- grade all- weather private roads, some of which are paved. Many more miles of natural base interior roads traverse off the main roads, completing a network to which very few other ranches would compare. With no public roads/access through the heart of the ranch, this provides a very unique, large private setting. The infrastructure improvements including the roads and runway were constructed in 2010. All other improvements on the property were constructed from 2011 to 2012.

Ranch Amenities:

Water is in abundance with several ponds and streams, including some live streams. The topographic changes throughout the ranch provide many conducive lake site potentials. Water wells provide water to the newer structures. Elevation changes from the peaks of many large hills overlooking vast areas down to numerous creek bottoms. Although there are large draws and big hills, the topsoil is considerably good throughout the elevation changes, which provides excellent growth across the ranch.


3,000 +/- acres of pine timber varying from 8 to 11 years old.

2,500 +/- acres of hardwood timber varying from young to older mature trees.

350 +/- acres of rolling pasture grass fields.


Hunting has not been allowed on this ranch for many years. Such a large contiguous block of desirable natural habitat for wildlife without historical hunting pressure is very hard to find. Wildlife is easily viewed from vehicles while driving around the ranch. Morning and evening daylight hours produce consistent viewing of deer and turkey out in the roads. As an example, all the pictures and video of deer where taken one evening over approximately an hour, from a vehicle, while on the ranch. Although wooded now, there are many acres of historical fields on the ranch that could be put back to use for wildlife or commercial farming. The infrastructure, habitat, and wildlife are in place to be utilized as a top end hunting retreat.

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