Ships cruising into Cape Town this summer

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As the festive season and new year roll into the Mother City, so will a number of luxury cruise liners which offer residents the chance to spot some of the most beautiful vessels out there as they visit our harbour.

If you’re excited to see these ships as they stop over in our seaside city, here are some dates to mark on your calendar.

1. MS Bremen

The 29-year-old voyager, the MS Bremen, discovered an uncharted Antarctic island in 2003 which was then named Bremen Island, will visit the Mother City this December.

Bremen will arrive on December 20 and leave again on December 21 for Tristan da Cunha.

It is one of the smallest ships in its fleet with a length of 112m and can carry 154 passengers, it is most suited for the adventurer equipped with bicycles, kayaks and snorkeling gear.

2. AIDAmira

Look out for the AIDAmira, visiting Cape Town’s shores on December 22 and heading out again on December 23 for East London.

The large AIDAmira has the capacity to carry 1 498 passengers and 670 crew members. Guests can enjoy three restaurants, six bars, two shopping arcades, three swimming pools, and a fitness centre. The top speed of this cruise liner is 20 knots and she has a total of 624 cabins.

This gorgeous ship will make a return visit on January 6 at 4am and leave again the same day at 9pm for East London and once more on January 13 heading out on the same day.

If you miss it the first two times the AIDAmira will sail into Cape Town again on January 19 and 27, with her last visit being on January 31 when she will set sail for Lüderitz on the first day of 2020.

3. MS Nautica

Save the date for the MS Nautica visit, expected on January 5 before setting sail for Walvis Bay on January 6.

The MS Nautica is owned by Oceania Cruises and forms part of their Regatta Class. The ship was built in the year 2000 and carries a crew of 400. During trips around the world, 684 passengers board this beauty for relaxing vacations from the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia and New Zealand. The Nautica has a length of 181m and a top speed of 18 knots.

The Nautical will visit again on January 19, leaving on January 20 for Mossel Bay.

4. MSC Orchestra

Get ready to welcome the MSC Orchestra on January 12 as it sails in from Durban and sets out again on the same day for Lüderitz.

The MSC Orchestra cruise ship has a length of 294m and a speed of 23 knots. Up to 2 550 guests can enjoy a luxurious trip with a complete spa and fitness centre onboard, while the kids can enjoy the Jungle Adventure playroom.

This grand ship will make another visit on January 17, before heading out on the same day to Lüderitz.

The Mother City can expect a third visit from this classy ship on January 21, where it will head out on the same day for Durban.

5. Artania

Prepare to welcome the Artania on January 15, Cape Town. This majestic ship will stay in the harbour for a while and leave again on January 17.

Built in 1984, the Artania can hold 1 260 passengers and 537 crew members. It has eight decks with 594 cabins. The official language used on this ship is German as most of the passengers are from German-speaking countries.

6. Azamara Quest

Keep an eye out for the Azamara Quest, planning a visit to the Mother City on January 21, before leaving the harbour on the same day for Port Elizabeth.

Built in the year 2000, this 19-year-old cruise liner forms part of the Renaissance Class. The award-winning ship has spas, wellness facilities, pools and bars and restaurants for everyone to enjoy. The Azamara Quest has a speed of 18 knots and a length of 181m.

This sleek ship will visit again on January 29 and leave again on January 31 for Port Elizabeth.

7. Marco Polo

The unique Marco Polo ship will visit our shores on January 28, heading out on the same day for Port Elizabeth.

The Marco Polo has a length of 176m and a speed of 21 knots. It is owned by Global Maritime Group and was built in 1954. The Marco Polo has a total of 425 cabins with 11 decks. Each evening Marco Polo offers different entertainment programmes, such as ballroom dancing, craft sessions, guest lectures, quiz programmes, golf sessions, bingo and fitness workouts.

Picture: AIDAmira/ Facebook

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