Travel Agents’ Guide to Selling AmaWaterways

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In order to book a client’s vacation, travel agents need to be somewhat familiar with the product they are working with. As an agent, you’re going to have an easier time selling vacations when you know what you’re talking about.

From cruise lines and tour operators to hotels and resorts, it’s important to learn about the companies your clients are interested in.

When it comes to river cruising, AmaWaterways is a wonderful choice to offer both seasoned cruisers and first-timers. This family-owned company is dedicated solely to river cruising so your clients will be in great hands during their journey.

To book a cruise with AmaWaterways, you can call directly or visit the Travel Advisor Portal.

In addition to booking capabilities, the Travel Advisor Portal has helpful tools and information for agents. For example, travel agents can choose to create a co-branded website for free. They can also create personalized marketing materials to send out to potential clients.

In the portal, agents will also find promotions to share with clients and downloadable ads, flyers and high-resolution photos. Various types of forms are also housed here, such as gift orders and fam application forms.

When booking a river cruise with AmaWaterways, you’ll want to keep a few important tips in mind.

First of all, you’ll want to encourage clients to book their cruise early. River cruise ships are much smaller than ocean cruise ships, and the cabins fill up quickly in a lot of cases. Booking clients early will ensure they get their first choice of cabin.

You’ll also want to share the different types of cruises with your clients. There are a number of destinations AmaWaterways covers and also several specialty cruise options available.

Experience the Magic of the Holidays + save up to $1,500 per stateroom
PHOTO: Experience the magic of the holidays. (photo via AmaWaterways)

Clients can choose to take a Christmas-themed cruise and explore the iconic Christmas markets in places like Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Or maybe a wine cruise is more of interest—wine cruises allow guests to have a special wine host, and they are treated to exclusive wine menus and culinary experiences.

Guests of AmaWaterways can explore Cambodia and Vietnam on the Riches of the Mekong cruise or take the Discover Africa sailing to visit Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. With all the options, there’s an itinerary to fit everyone’s travel needs and desires.

In addition to booking the cruise itself, you can help your clients with specific excursions, pre and post cruise add ons and airfare.

Biking and Hiking Along the Danube | Save up to $1,500 per stateroom
PHOTO: Biking and hiking along the Danube. (photo via AmaWaterways)

Overall, there is really no better way to learn about a product than by experiencing it firsthand. So in order to learn about AmaWaterways inside and out, consider keeping an eye out for FAM trip opportunities or reach out to your BDM to inquire if there are any agent rates available.

This way you can experience everything this cruise line has to offer and report back to share specifically what your clients need to know.

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