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Hotel holidays can make for a very easy break and, depending on where you choose to stay, the trip could be very sumptuous affair indeed. This is certainly the case at the Baha Mar hotel in the Caribbean – one of the world’s largest luxury holiday resorts. Channel 5 released a documentary about the £3.4billion hotel this weekend in Secrets of the Mega Resort.

In the show, it was revealed that the hotel has a very sneaky technique to encourage guests to spend even more money during their stay.

Secrets of the Mega Resort explains the importance of encouraging wealthy guests – from China in particular – to gamble “vast sums of money” in the 100,000 square-foot casino.

So how do they manage to lure the holidaymakers into the casino to flash their cash?

The show reveals there’s an array of “subtle touches” that subconsciously encourages the guests to spend.

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The instance, the red carpet is decorated with Chinese good luck symbols.

There is also artwork in the shape of a Chinese lucky number eight.

Even the restaurant exudes fortuitousness. The Chinese restaurant has a doubly lucky 88 seats.

Furthermore, there are a whopping 88 dishes on the menu.


There is also a fountain that catches fire which is intended to create better feng shui for gambling.

According to the documentary, this is “all part of a bigger strategy to tempt people into having a flutter.”

Guests will always be able to access the casino, too, as it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In fact, even if holidaymakers don’t initially intend to visit the casino, they’ll most likely end up there anyway.

Almost everyone will pass through the gambling hotspot several times a day.

This is due to the clever layout of the hotel. The entire property is designed so that all roads lead to the casino.

What’s more, there is a “vast array of games” available in the casino so “no one is denied a chance to win…or lose.”

So what else does Baha Mar offer? The resort has 11 swimming pools, 40 restaurants and bars, and its own squadron of trained sharks.

The enormous hotel complex can accommodate up to 7,000 people at once.

However, there are no all-inclusive package deals. Staying at Baha Mar is a five-star deluxe experience that costs up to £14,000 a night.

Secrets of the Mega Resort takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the £3.4billion fantasy land creates one million dream holidays in a single year.

The show explores surprising technology in unlikely places: like bars with computer-controlled cocktail dispensers. And while bartenders dish out Bahama Mamas with the help of a touch-screen, an automated uniform room issues more than 200 different types of outfit with the swipe of an I-D card…and then counts the number of dirty trousers and shirts at the end of every shift.

Even the golf buggies are equipped with touch-screens that tell players what club to choose.

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