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Malaga is a business city. It has one of the fastest growing GDPs in Spain. On top of this, it has one of the largest airports and is a popular holiday destination. Sitting right on the south of Spain, Malaga is surrounded by beautiful holiday towns, too, such as Seville and Granada; as well as being next to Marbella and Gibraltar – which are mighty popular with Brits. Whether it’s holiday makers landing there or frequent business trips, there are some tips you should be aware of in order to maximise the quality of your visit.


Malaga is a great place to rent a car. Car rental in Spain is generally good value, but there are plenty of incredible cities and landscapes in and around Malaga to drive through. Car hire at Malaga airport is even more reason to consider it, as you can pick up a car straight off a flight and pay a daily price to account entirely to your needs. Malaga car hires are also a great way to get to the next city, such as Seville or Gibraltar, which will be faster than public transport. If your stay is short and you aren’t planning on going far, then renting a bike is also a great option. Bikes are particularly useful in Malaga because the city is pretty flat and has many bike-friendly areas such as the boardwalk.

Check out the beaches

Being on the South of Spain, the weather is certain to be gorgeous and you’re never far from an incredible beach. There are many types to choose from, depending on the context. If you have a car but fancy a drink, heading down to Nikki beach in Marbella about 20 miles away is great fun. Here, there will be some luxury decking, places to get a drink and even the chance to spot a few celebrities. Sacaba beach, on the other hand, which is a lot more local, is a beautiful spot that will be much more peaceful and quiet. Here, you can come for a work break or a nice morning read, away from the city and tourists.


Golf is extremely popular in Andalusia. Between Malaga and Cadiz alone there are over a hundred pristine golf courses. The South of Spain provides incredible weather and landscapes for a perfect golfing environment. This could be a relaxing Saturday afternoon alone or a family day out at a childrens’ golf course. Golf courses in Andalusia are well known for their Arizona desert-style courses as well as being imbedded in idyllic nature. You are never far from a golf course in Andalusia.

Free entry to monuments on Sundays

Sundays are a great day to go sightseeing in Malaga. Even if you’re living there, revising old sites can reignite your appreciation for the city. The Contemporary Art Centre and Roman Theatre are two incredible places to visit that are always free, but many others are only free on Sundays. The Picasso Museum is a great example of an incredible museum that is open for the last few hours on each Sunday. The Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba are also two incredible architectural giants that are free on Sunday evenings. This generally ties in well to both holidaymakers and locals, who are both usually free for slow strolls and to learn some history on a Sunday.

Montes de Malaga natural park

When in town, a small 5 kilometer journey northwards will take you to a 5000 hectare natural park. In this park you will encounter river beds, steep slopes, streams and a unique massif, all surrounding the Media Montana Betica mountain. This could be a fantastic getaway for a hike or an adventurous bike ride. The setting are beautiful for those who enjoy photography too. There is an incredible Pine forest that is known as the lung of Malaga. For those who are even more adventurous, there are some climbing opportunities and off-road driving experiences. A major part of the appeal of Montes de Malaga is it being incredibly close to the city in its proximity.

Enjoy some live football

Andalusia is home to many world-famous football teams. There are two La Liga 1 teams just a car journey away from Malaga: Seville and Granada, both of which are doing very well in the 2019/20 season. Malaga also has fantastic support and can display some good football. With all these options, it’s always worth bearing in mind when visiting Andalusia – the prices of tickets are cheaper than in many places in Europe, and the Spanish enthusiasm for football leaves you with a memorable experience.

Whether your visit to Malaga is short or long, there are always plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather, local culture or the incredible landscapes. Golf and siteseeing are some great options for a relaxing day out, whilst visiting a live football game or hiking around the Montes de Malaga will give you an adrenaline rush you won’t forget.

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