Here are 10 of the world’s most ultra-luxurious, private jet holidays

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When it comes to travel there’s luxury, and then there’s ultra-luxury and all-inclusive private jet travel is definitely the latter category.

TCS World Travel, one of the world’s leading luxury travel companies, knows plenty about this sector — they’ve been flying the mega-rich around the globe on customised Boeing 757s and other luxury aircrafts for more than 25 years.

The travel company specialises in group trips and have just released their new line-up of private jet holidays for 2021. While these excursions are likely to be way above budget for most of us, the trips look spectacular.

Whisking pampered travellers around the world, the itineraries cross continents, span oceans and take those who can afford it deep into the heart of some of the planet’s most unique destinations. From Madagascar and Tajikstan to Leh, Nosy Be and more, all seven of the world’s continents are included in the trip list.

Guests booking these holidays will enjoy all-inclusive experiences incorporating private jet travel, accommodation in some of the world’s best hotels, dedicated guides, unique dining experiences and tailor-made sightseeing visits. The company will also provide guests with ‘walking around’ money in the local currency in each destination they visit.

With some of the trips costing upward of Dh600,000 per person, let’s hope some of that money also goes towards some hefty carbon offsetting initiatives. Here’s a look at what type of all-inclusive private jet holiday that kind of money can buy.

Cape to Cairo

Taking flight on Wednesday, October 2, 2020, travellers on this trip will fly across the African continent for 15 days taking in the colour, culture and wildlife of Africa. Starting in Cape Town, the trip spans the Okavango Delta in Botswana then heads to the Indian Ocean port city of Maputo in Mozambique. From there, it’s onward to Laikipia County in Kenya for epic wildlife spotting opportunities followed by a couple of touchdowns in Ethiopia. Finally, fly into Egypt where visits to Cairo and Luxor await. Prices start at $89,950 (Dh330,341) per person.

Winter Wonders

Spot Aurora Borealis on a winter themed trip private jet holiday. Courtesy
Spot Aurora Borealis on a winter themed trip private jet holiday. Courtesy

If you can work with a budget of just over Dh330,000 then this Christmas-themed escape is a magical winter escape. Taking flight on Sunday, December 1, 2020, the 14-day trip is guaranteed to get anyone in the festive spirit. Departing from New York, travellers will head east on the hunt of the magical glow of the Northern Lights in the dark skies of Iceland and Finland. Next up, is the Christmas markets of Copenhagen and Vienna, followed by a visit to the winery streets of Paris, before heading back to New York city where more winter wonders await.

Around the world

Looking for a fabulous way to kick-start 2021? How about a 25-day around the world trip that costs $134,950 (Dh495,603). Tick off all your bucket-list musts on this holiday which takes travellers on a luxury-dipped tour around nine of the world’s most legendary places. Machu Picchu, La Paz and Easter Island all make the cut as does Samoa, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Ankgor Wat and the Taj Mahal. In Africa, there’s a wildlife spotting stop at the Masai Mara followed by a flight to Jordan to visit Petra and Wadi Rum. The sensory overload of Morocco’s colourful Marrakech is the final stop before returning to Florida.

The Seven Continents

If visiting every continent has been on your to-do list, you can achieve it all in one shot during this 28-day trip. Take off from Miami and get ready to uncover the world from Egypt’s ancient Pyramids to the impressive moꞌai on Easter Island. You’ll also get to explore Oman where you’ll find out more about nomadic traditions. South America’s Chile is a fantastic stop for foodies and island seekers will enjoy tours of Langkawi and Fiji. Melbourne represents for Australia and the ethereal landscapes of Antarctica beautifully complete this seven-continent tour which costs $164,950 (Dh605,778).

Animals of the World

Spot gorillas in Rwanada with a TCS World Travel all inclusive private jet trip. 
Spot gorillas in Rwanada with a TCS World Travel all inclusive private jet trip. 

If animals are your thing, this is your dream vacation. Departing on Tuesday, February 25, 2021, get set for 20 days of flying around the world on the heels of the most magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Spot gorillas in Rwanda, track tigers in India or fawn over lemurs in Madagascar. Dolphins will be on the watch-list in Hawaii and Palau will delight divers with its amazing marine life. Next, it’s off to China where you’ll close to some of the world’s most magnificent creatures, giant pandas. A final fling in South Africa will give travellers the change to spot the classic safari big five. This epic wildlife spotting trip doesn’t come cheap — place on the excursion can be secured from just over Dh500,000.

Emerging destinations

For those who like to be first and have a spare $79,950 (Dh293,616) to spend, this 13-day private jet expedition gives people the chance to head out on a trip that visits emerging destinations around the globe. Departing from London on September 20, 2021 you’ll start by visiting the remote Faroe Islands before travelling to Georgia’s Tbilisi and taking in the sights and sounds of Italy’s Puglia. Lebanon’s Beirut is also on the visit list and in every destination you go, you’ll be taking part in immersive activities and making connections with local artists, community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Uncharted South America

There’s so much that’s still to be discovered in South America that these unexplored gems have a dedicated 14-day trip. Depart from Fort Lauderdale on February 12, 2021 and fly south to explore South America’s hidden treasures. Avoid the tourist traps and instead take in Bogota in Colombia then fly on to Chile’s Atacama Desert. In Argentina, explore the slopes and peaks of Patagonia and then traverse Montevideo, Uruguay’s largely-unexplored capital. A visit to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil rounds out this adventure-packed trail which costs from $89,950 (Dh330,341).

The Crossroads of the Middle East

On March 13, 2021, 28 passengers will set off on a 14-day private jet excursion that delves into the rich history of the Middle East. Priced at a little over Dh300,000, the excursion departs from London then flies east where Jerusalem and Wadi Rum are on the visit list. Travellers can explore ancient treasures as they journey to Egypt’s Luxor before exploring Fez in Morocco where medieval remains and cultural offerings are guaranteed to beguile.

Flavours of the World

Culinary aficionados, this is the trip for you. Departing Singapore on June 28, 2021, this 14-day, $89,950 (Dh330,341) trip crosses six countries and incorporates some of the world’s very best gourmet offerings. Sample street food in Singapore and explore food markets in Bangkok. Uncover the emerging food scene in Amman, Jordan and in Georgia’s Tbilisi then enjoy Sweden’s vibrant dining scene. Spain is the last stop and travellers can feast on pintxo in the Basque Country and then wind things down in foodie-hotspot Madrid.

Adventure Asia

For $92,950 (Dh341,358) you’ll get a slot on a thrill-seeking 15-day adventure holiday that spans several destinations. Departing from London on June 15, 2021 travellers on the Adventure Asia journey will discover subterranean cities, watch a polo match in the Himalayan mountains and cycle through the streets of bustling Bangkok. There’s also private islands to be explored and forest canopies to traverse in this adventure itinerary that also takes in Cambodia, Bali, Turkey and India.

Updated: October 31, 2019 12:17 PM

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