Delta Airlines Cheap Flights Sale: How to Get $97 Round-Trip Flights

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This year Delta Air Lines ranked No. 1 in airline quality. You know what that means? They want you, customer, but they don’t need you. You know what else that means? You want them more; Delta is that unattainable hottie at the sky club. Delta gives luxury perks to their international flight economy cabin members. Yep, even hot towels. 

You want Delta so bad, but their prices can be steep. That’s why a new sale from the carrier is such a special thing. Round-trip flights starting at $97. But the deal is a total tease — it’s only around for a little while (it ends Wednesday, September 25).
The theme of the discount is US adventures.

“Explore America’s natural treasures or dig into another city’s food scene with fall and winter travel deals,” Delta said on the official sale page. And smaller: “Additional fees/restrictions/baggage charges may apply.” We’ll get into that in a second. 

But first, if you click the hyperlink for additional fees/restrictions, it’ll bring you down to the bottom of the page, where a bajillion different “travel periods” are listed out based on the destination. For example, a trip from Seattle to San Francisco is only discounted between October 19 and November 1, whereas a flight from Seattle to San Jose is discounted between October 27 and November 2. You get it.

In the middle of the page is a list of all the roundtrip deals. Here are our favorites:

  • Atlanta to Nashville for $97
  • Seattle to San Jose, California for $97
  • Las Vegas to Long Beach, California for $99
  • Los Angeles to San Diego for $99
  • Raleigh/Durham to Tampa for $107
  • Las Vegas to San Jose, California for $107
  • Austin to Cincinnati for $117
  • Albuquerque to Los Angeles for $117
  • Los Angeles to Portland for $117
  • Detroit to Jacksonville, Florida for $127

Back to the additional fees and restrictions. First, basic economy tickets are non-refundable. Here are the other basic economy rules. On the deal page there’s a ton written about baggage charges, so go check that out, but for travel within the United States (including Puerto Rico), your first checked bag is $30, and the second is $40.

It’s one night only, hunny. Go and get your Delta.

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