Labor Day 2019 Travel Deals: Hotwire Quickie Getaway Sale Has Cheap 5-Star Hotels

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Labor Day weekend is coming and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American employees by quickly tweeting about labor unions. If we’re being honest, most of us are just looking to have a good time. This includes taking the Spontaneous, Cling-To-Summer Weekend Trip, which is now made easier by travel site Hotwire’s latest hotel discount: The “Quickie Getaway Sale” is providing 5 and 4-star hotel stays on Labor Day weekend for just $59 a night.

To clarify, “Quickie Getaway Sale” has nothing to do with joining the mile high club. The discount is actually inspired by an irrelevant national day that apparently falls on August 27: Just Because Day. Hotwire surveyed Americans and found that 60% of them book a quick, 2-3 night vacation “just because” and, to celebrate this factoid, they’re giving you a pretty little discount. 

The sale launched at 12:01am on August 27, and will end at 11:59 on August 29. The website noted that bookings are going quickly, so a second before midnight on the last day might be too late. Discounts are valid between August 30 and September 2, and the $59 flat fee only applies to the first two nights you stay somewhere. 

“Since we’re one of the only travel sites that can offer a fixed price sale like this, we wanted to do something a little crazy,” Neha Parikh So, Hotwire’s president, said in a statement. “We’ve capped the price of our already super low Hot Rate deals on luxury hotels in high demand cities at $59 so that travelers can experience a really memorable Labor Day getaway at an incredible price!”

Thanks, Neha. Discounts can be found for hotels in NY, LA, Miami, DC, Chicago and San Diego. So go ahead and sound out your “Let’s take a moment to appreciate unions for bringing widespread employer-based health coverage,” or whatever, and then go freakin’ wild for the rest of your break. If you need ideas, you can check out Hotwire’s custom itineraries.

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