An Excellent Itinerary For Discovering Northern Vietnam Within The Grand Prix 2020

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If you are considering a visit to Vietnam next year or you just want to indulge in the Grand Prix 2020 in Hanoi, plan Vietnam trip now because your excitement will be doubled with this fabulous event.

Packed with gorgeous beauty and exotic experiences, Vietnam is a promising destination for travelers who are also speed enthusiasts. That’s why the International Automobile Federation has chosen Vietnam as a host for the Grand Prix 2020.


An excursion to enjoy the most fabulous motor race and the most significant sceneries nearby the track is a brilliant idea to make the most out of your travel. But if it may seem a bit daunting if you search everything about Vietnam from scratch. There are so many things to consider. Still, don’t worry because you have found the best itinerary for discovering the North of Vietnam during the Grand Prix 2020.

The Best Period Of Stay

Before jumping in the schedule, the first thing you need to decide is how long you will spend in Vietnam. It mostly depends on your arrangement.

The Grand Prix will occur in three days. But if you are not that passionate, you can join the race in the first day, which can save a large sum of money since the admission fee for a one-day pass is roughly $30 the lowest.


The Vietnam Grand Prix takes place in April 2020

The rest of your travel will be spent to explore stunning sights and experiences in the North of Vietnam. Still, you don’t need a month for that. Based on our experience in traveling and tourism, 5 to 7 days are totally enough to give you a real insight into Northern Vietnam.

Top-picked Destination In The North Of Vietnam

Of course, from several days to a week is nowhere near sufficient to cover all 25 cities and provinces in the North of Vietnam. However, there’s no point doing it either. You should spend your time in Essential North only and save the other for your next trip. Below are must-visit stops in Northern Vietnam


Hanoi is certainly the first stop in your Vietnam travel. Not because it’s is where the Grand Prix is held, it is also a cultural center with more than a thousand years of history. The Old Quarter gives you a chance to travel back to the early 20th century to look at small rustic houses where generations and generations of the Vietnamese live together. Hanoi Opera House and Trang Tien Plaza, on the other hand, display a great fusion of the French architecture design with elaborate details. Watching a water puppet show is another fantastic experience in Hanoi as not many places in Vietnam offer puppet shows for foreigners.

Grand Prix 2020 ha noi vietnam

It’s hard to say how much time is enough for you to get to know this city as there are plenty of things to do. But if you have lots of time, try to stay in Hanoi for at least two days to enjoy the landscape and the excellent cuisine.

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Ninh Binh

About 2-hour drive to the south of Hanoi, you will reach Ninh Binh, a picturesque countryside typical for Vietnam’s Northern Delta. Immense golden rice paddy fields seem to stretch to the infinity. Clear freshwater lakes are dotted with lotus flowers. Local people curve a cozy smile whenever they see foreign tourists. All combine to capture the heart of traveler to Ninh Binh, a land of massive beauty from Trang An, well-known for the Halong inland to Bai Dinh Temple Complex, one of the most significant religious building in Southeast Asia.

Grand Prix 2020 ha noi vietnam ninh binh

As Ninh Binh is pretty close to Hanoi, you can actually have a day trip to explore some famous attractions like Trang An, Tam Coc, Hang Mua and return to the capital city in the late afternoon. However, if this arrangement is too tight, you can choose to spend a night in Ninh Binh. It’s a great chance to witness the unique culture of the Northern Delta.


Sapa is on the northernmost area of Vietnam, close to the shared border with China. Surrounded by the Tonkinese Alps, the town is a small valley where most of the hill tribes dwell. Their agriculture-based lifestyle has created magnificent rice terraces, offering incredible photographs. The unique traditions and rituals of the ethnic minorities are another magnet for tourist to head for Sapa in their Vietnam expedition. Homestays in ethnic villages are a marvelous opportunity for you to live like a local and explore the exotic culture of the hill tribes. Moreover, it is also home the Fansipan mountain peak, the rooftop of Indochina Peninsula. At the height of 3143m above sea level, it offers a spectacular sight of Sapa and the mountainous area nearby.

Grand Prix 2020 ha noi vietnam sapa

Due to the remote location, you should have at least two days in Sapa. The mountain routes can make you suffer from carsick, so you had better have a private van with experienced driver instead of traveling by bus.

Halong Bay

If Ninh Binh symbolizes the Vietnamese Northern Delta, Sapa is typical for the Northern Mountains, Halong is the representative of the Northern Coastline. Nestled on the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay consists of almost 3,000 limestone islets, emerging from the emerald water. It is one of the new Seven Wonders and also a World UNESCO Heritage Site since 1994. The most exceptional experience in Halong is an overnight cruise within strangely sculpted karsts, which reveals lagoons, caves, and beaches hidden in between.

Grand Prix 2020 ha noi vietnam halong

Thanks to the new highway, it takes about 5 hours to travel from Hanoi to Halong. So two days and one night is pretty enough to discover Halong Bay. Still, you wish to extend your trip; you can visit Cat Ba Island, one of the most beautiful islands in close proximity to Halong. Kayaking in Cat Ba brings you close to nature with high biodiversity in the Cat Ba National Park.


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