Prince Charles Opens 10-Room Bed And Breakfast On The Grounds Of His Scottish Castle

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The prince who is next in line to the throne of England has opened a new bed and breakfast in Scotland, overlooking the picturesque North Sea on the grounds of the Castle of Mey, where he has vacationed annually for much of his life.

The 10-bedroom facility was funded by Prince Charles to open the grounds to the public in order to boost tourism in the local Caithness village that he loves.

Called the Granary Lodge, the luxury accommodations are quite affordable—for being intertwined with royalty—and have earned eight 5-star reviews on since opening their doors on May 15.

The starting price for a double room is £145.00 per night, with the Super King Double Suite costing £155.00. The price includes breakfast and access to a relaxing drawing room, also fully renovated.

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“We are delighted that the prince’s vision for the Granary Lodge has been realized and hope the development means more people will visit the north Highlands of Scotland to experience its unique offering to tourists,” said Robert Lovie, director of outreach for the Prince’s Foundation, at the hotel’s unveiling.

“Our team has completed a wealth of hard work in recent months and is pleased with the result, which we hope will encourage people to spend longer in beautiful Caithness – an area so close to the heart of His Royal Highness”.

The Granary Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Built between 1566 and 1572 and bought in 1952 by the Queen Mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, the Castle of Mey rises above the shores of Pentland Firth and became a favorite holiday destination for her family who regularly visited, especially after the death of her husband King George VI.

The castle itself comprises some 38 rooms, including 15 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, a library and a billiards room. An imposing double staircase from the entrance hall leads to the principal rooms on the second floor. A trap-door in the floor of the dining room leads to a dungeon. The well-tended gardens are occasionally open to visitors.

The Castle of Mey with wall and keep, CC photo by Emma Henderson

Shirley Farquhar, administrator of the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, said: “We welcome HRH to the Castle of Mey each year for his holiday and, given his strong affinity and family connection to Caithness, it was fitting that he paid us the honor of formally opening the Granary Lodge”.

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Ms. Farquhar said the development would secure “year-round employment for local people and provide a valuable asset to tourism in Caithness”.

She added: “As luxury accommodation, a unique wedding venue, and a conference center, the Granary Lodge will, we hope, create a considerable positive ripple effect within the local economy”. Visit their website for more information.

(Granary Lodge photo by

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