How to Travel in Style in 2019

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2019 is the year of travelling in style. Gone are the days when travel meant holing up in a 1-star hostel with one change of clothing for your 2 week trip. If you want to have a luxury holiday where you can sit back and relax, follow these travel tips that will help you to indulge when going abroad.

Cruises are the ultimate holiday package when it comes to having a truly relaxing holiday. Who wouldn’t want to spend two weeks spending time at the pool, drinking all-inclusive drinks, seeing some 5-star entertainment, and visiting a new port every morning? If this sounds like your ideal holiday, you should book a Mediterranean cruise, where the moderate temperatures and quaint port towns will have you falling in love in no time. From the coastal cities of Spain like Barcelona to the islands of Greece, going on a cruise will allow you to combine the best that Europe has to offer with relaxation and luxury for the duration of your trip abroad.

If you are more of a land-lubber, you should look at visiting luxury resorts where you can live and feel like a celebrity for a fortnight at a time. The availability of package deals makes luxury resorts a great option for those that want to arrange their holiday with a single click of a button and have accommodation, refreshments, and flights already sorted for them. Luxury resorts are especially excellent if you have kids as you will be secure in the knowledge that they can play safely within the resort. At the same time, you will have the ability to spend days on end lounging by the pool and wandering along the beach without interruption.

However, the journey is just as important as the destination, and if you want to start your holiday as you mean to go on, you should consider upgrading your flight. Getting a luxury experience from the first moment that you step on the plane can leave you in a good mood for the rest of the trip, and so upgrading to first class will give you a better rest, better quality food, and more entertainment so that you can start your trip with a spring in your step as soon as you land.

To stay in style and be able to join the holiday conversations, consider following the travel trends of 2019, where Croatia and Iceland dominate statistics. Croatia has everything a tourist needs to have a luxurious visit, from gorgeous beaches to its status as the home of ‘Game of Thrones’. What’s more, if you want a chillier destination, Iceland should be on the op of your bucket lists, where you can relax in style in the thermal pools and astonishing landscapes of the island country.

There are many ways that you can have a laid-back and trendy trip in 2019. This guide both helps you to both access the best destinations for luxury travel and have a stylish time when you are abroad.

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