Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos Time, Schedule, Winners

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    The Fortnite World Cup will soon begin its Week 6 rounds, giving all players another chance to qualify for the Finals. With $30 million available in prize money, as well as paid-for trips to New York for the Finals event, players from all over the world are keen to perform their best.

    We’re now past the halfway point of the 10 weeks of qualifiers, and things are getting pretty intense, with top players pushing hard to secure a spot for that July 26-28 Finals event. Week 6 brings Duos back into rotation, with competitors pairing up as groups, meaning teamwork and coordination play a big factor in who comes out on top.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos.

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos Time and Schedule

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6

    If you’re hoping to take part or watch livestreams of the Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos event, you’ll need to make sure you’re online at the right time.

    Epic Games is allowing three hours for competitors to complete 10 matches. This needs to be done between 4 and 7 PM GMT for Europe, PT for NA West, ET for NA East, BRT for Brazil, AET for Oceania, JST for Asia.

    All players are invited to try their hand at qualifying. While you should expect a highly competitive environment, you’ll be matched up with a mix of regular and professional players, so just try to have fun. This is a great opportunity to see how you stack up against the best players in the game!

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos | How to compete

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6

    Those who have been following the Fortnite World Cup event, you’ll know that to earn a spot in the Finals as a Duo pair, competitors need to first place in the top 1,500 teams during the semi-finals on Saturday, before then topping the leaderboard during the finals on Sunday.

    To place well, competitors need to play well, with points awarded for eliminations and position at the end of a round. A Victory Royale (win) results in +10, 2nd-5th earns +7, 6th-10th awards +5, 11th-15th offers +3, and eliminations give +1. Players accumulate as many points as possible in 10 matches.

    Players are split into regions, with each area being assigned a certain number of Finals spots:

    • Europe – Four Finals spots for four Duos teams during Week 6.
    • NA East – Three Finals spots for three Duos teams during Week 6.
    • NA West – One Finals spot for one Duos team during Week 6.
    • Asia – One Finals spot for one Duos team during Week 6.
    • Brazil – One Finals spot for one Duos team during Week 6.
    • Oceania – One Finals spot for one Duos team during Week 6.

    Once the Week 6 rounds have been completed, we’ll have 11 more teams added to the Finals roster.

    Of course, the Fortnite World Cup isn’t just about earning a place in the Finals. There is also a lot of money to be won, and Duos pairs that have already qualified for the Finals can still take part in the Week 6 event to secure more prize money from the $30 million pool. This gives the top players a reason to come back every week.

    If you plan to try your luck at getting into the top 1,500 players and qualifying for the Sunday leaderboard race, you ought to know that all players are matchmade together regardless of input device or platform. That means console players could go up against PC players!

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos Winners Predictions

    Fortnite World Cup Week 6

    The Fortnite World Cup Week 6 event is especially important for those competing in the Asia, Brazil, and Oceania regions. You see, for those areas, only Weeks 2/6/10 provide a spot for Duos partners to qualify. (Weeks 4/8 are prize money only.)

    Of course, those in Europe and North America will also be fighting as hard as possible. Expect to see the competition heating up massively, as there are only so many Finals spots left!

    Europe Predictions

    Though they qualified back in Week 2, E11 Tschiiinken and E11 Stompy are definitely a combo to watch, as in Week 4 they secured a big $10,000 prize at the top of the leaderboard. They’ll no doubt be coming back for more money during Week 6!

    As for those who need to earn their Finals spots, expect to see NewG Bouth and NewG Nyydo putting up some big numbers, in addition to Fnatic Motor and Fnatic Verox.

    With four Duos spots available to European teams, Exalty Falconly and Exalty Robabz will be pushing hard, and Tchub_ and Alliance Ticke could pull through.

    NA East Predictions

    Three Duos spots are available to NA East teams. If they manage to perform like they did back in Week 4, these are the expected qualifying pairs:

    • 100T Ceice and 100T Elevate
    • Secret Fuzzy and Hogmanlolz
    • FaZe cLoak and Tfue

    NA West Predictions

    There’s only room for one Duos pair Week 6 winner from NA West. Expect FA TTV HzExtinct and Carson CBC or WBG Rhux and WBG Pika to claim that win.

    Asia Predictions

    As mentioned before, there’s a lot of pressure on the Asain teams. Only one spot, but four top squads all fighting for it. These are the four we expect to see battling for the Duos spot for Week 6:

    • TOP_Puzz and TOP_Ming
    • T1 Quickss and T1 Mudusa
    • KGA SexyBoy and KGA backho
    • Riddle Fire and Riddle Maufin

    Brazil Predictions

    Provided they play like they did in Week 4, these are the Duos teams that will be leading the charge to the top of the Week 6 Duos Brazil leaderboards:

    • 9z santidead and 9z zeko
    • INTZ histtory and Damage.-13
    • INTZ Faah and Nogz

    Oceania Predictions

    Oceania’s favorites for Week 6 have to be JAM zoreh and Gheez. This pair managed to earn an incredible 132 points during Week 4. If they can perform like that again, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to stop them.

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