2019 Blockbuster Films That Will Inspire You To Travel

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The best movies inspire us to dream. And more often than not, those dreams include travels to exotic and far-flung destinations around the globe.

With seven new travel-inspired movies premiering this year, that cinematic tradition continues unabated.

For those who have a habit of hitting the road in search of their favorite silver screen locations, adventure tour operator Exodus Travels has just released its projections for how the top movies of 2019 are likely to shape travelers’ bucket lists.

Here are the top upcoming films, according to Exodus Travels, that will inspire your travel goals for the year ahead:

The Lion King (Premiering July 18)

This long-awaited remake of the classic Lion King story utilizes first-of-its-kind photorealistic computer-generated animation – with rave reviews boasting that the film is a new family classic.

This impressive reboot will be sure to inspire nostalgic fans and their little ones to see Simba in real life, say the experts at Exodus Travels.

Kenya Wildlife Tour with Exodus Travels
PHOTO: Kenya Wildlife Tour with Exodus Travels (Courtesy Exodus Travels)

“A pride of lions can be spotted within the grasslands of The Maasai Mara on Exodus’ seven-day Kenya Family Wildlife Quest tour, where safari-goers will also learn about the local conservation work being done at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage, which protects young elephants until they can be released back into the wild,” said Robin Brooks, Exodus’ marketing manager for North America.

Those who romanticize the sweeping plains of the pride lands in The Lion King may also enjoy Exodus’ Cape Family Adventure.

“Expert local guides lead groups across the cliff face of Cape Point, on kayaking trips during whale season and on “Scootour” drives to view abundant wildlife at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve,” said Brooks.

Changeland (Premiering June 7)

The story of two friends who embark on a journey to Thailand and discover that their own relationship may be more strained than they realized, Changeland suggests there’s nothing a vacation can’t fix.

For the BFFs who are long overdue for their next big bonding escape, Exodus’ 15-day Thai Indochina Explorer tour includes a visit to the ancient ruins of Angkor, jungle trekking at Khao Yai National Park and multisensory exploits in Bangkok’s famous street food scene.

Families looking to leave the modern world behind for a technology detox may want to opt for the remoteness of the 14-day South East Asia Adventure Family Holiday—where social media can [almost] be forgotten.

“Discover a cultural staple of Thai life, the Cai Be floating market, or embrace the local way of life at a Vinh Long island homestay, where guests will sample local dishes and leave with plenty of stories to share,” said Brooks.

Frozen 2 (Premiering November 22)

Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Anna are back to embark on a mission that takes them far away from the comforts of their home, the kingdom of Arendelle.

While the sisters may live in a fantastical Nordic-inspired country, the five-day Iceland Northern Lights tour offers a similar magical quality with breathtaking glacier lagoons and dazzling solar activity taking place overhead, said Brooks.

Frozen fans who dream of meeting Sven, Kristoff’s reindeer sidekick, might opt for a visit to a reindeer farm in Finland on the eight-day Finnish Winter Adventure Family Holiday.

Meanwhile, in Norway, home to some of the world’s most striking fjords, travelers can feel like the Snow Queen herself upon summiting Galdopiggen, the highest peak in the country, on the eight-day Walking the Fjords tour.

Dora Lost City of Gold (Premiering July 31)

In this live-action film for grown-ups and kids alike, Dora sets out to save her parents while uncovering a mysterious ancient Inca civilization. But she can’t do it alone—Dora enlists the help of some familiar faces such as Boots, the monkey, her cousin Diego and other friends.

“Those searching for their own wild adventure should look no further than the last remote frontier on the nine-day Amazon Rainforest Cruise,” continued Brooks. “From the comforts of the luxury riverboat Zafiro, guests will experience customary shaman blessings, spot famous pink river dolphins, and learn to make traditional Peruvian cuisine with the help of expert local guides.”

Essential Peru with Exodus Travels
PHOTO: Essential Peru with Exodus Travels (Courtesy Exodus Travels)

The Essential Peru 15-day tour also provides an experience that Dora would approve of—including trekking to the unique Inca Saywiti stone and Tarawasi ruins, which are linked to ancient civilizations that remain unknown today.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Premiering December 19)

This ninth chapter in the blockbuster Star Wars saga, set in a galaxy far, far away, has long been anticipated.

For adventurers who are inspired by the film to visit an astro-themed destination that is also far, far away—look no further than the Arctic, suggests Brooks.

“With endless star spotting opportunities at night and a stop at the Andoya Space Center, Exodus’ Arctic Lights & Whales five-day tour is well-suited to real-life “Skywalkers” who want to expand their interstellar knowledge,” she said.

For a solar experience, travelers can venture to witness a total eclipse on the 11-day Chile Eclipse: Elqui Valley tour. Experience the country draped in darkness over a glass of Chilean wine at one of Chile’s Maipo Valley vineyards or in the space-like flatlands of the Atacama salt flats.

Spiderman, Far From Home (Premiering July 5)

The famous Peter Parker returns as Spiderman, jetting off to Europe for a much-needed vacation. But things go awry when mysterious creatures begin causing havoc across the continent.

Czech Republic with Exodus Travels
PHOTO: Czech Republic with Exodus Travels (Courtesy Exodus Travels)

Moviegoers who are dazzled by the historic monuments featured throughout this film might enjoy UNESCO sites on Exodus’ eight-day Journey Through the Czech Republic tour, said Brooks.

“Famous for its abundance of castles, like the aristocratic Kromeriz Castle, lush gardens and the infamous Skull church, the Czech Republic will transport travelers back in time,” Brooks explained.

For a bit more glamour, the eight-day Trails & Treasures of the Amalfi Coast tour promises the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhennian Sea and the thrill of a private boat-ride over to the mystic islands of Capri.

Where’d You Go Bernadette (Premiering August 16)

When a Seattle woman named Bernadette Fox disappears, her husband and daughter set off on an exciting adventure to Antarctica to uncover the hidden trail of clues hinting at where she may have gone.

The Earth’s polar regions have long been considered the epicenter for explorers, said Brooks.

Antarctica Explorer Tour
PHOTO: Antarctica Explorer Tour (Courtesy Exodus Travels)

“Travelers can venture to the land of ice on their own epic expedition on the 11-day Antarctic Peninsula Adventure tour,” Brooks suggested.

On the Antarctic Explorer 11-day tour meanwhile, marine die-hards will find themselves immersed in Antarctic wildlife, hopping on zodiacs to visit penguin rookeries, scouting for the elusive Leopard seal and completing live field studies of Humpback and Minke whales.

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