5 ways to plan a romantic holiday

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Make this Valentine’s Day magical by treating your loved one to a holiday. Picture: Supplied.

The real test of a relationship is planning a romantic break for your significant other. You have to know what kind of traveller they are, their holiday preference and the perfect destination.

Add in your preferences and finding a suitable getaway option may seem virtually impossible.

Kelly Simpson, manager of Amazing Holidays, shares her secrets to planning a romantic holiday without a hitch:

Determine when you want to travel: Will it be a midweek break? A weekend getaway or a week at an international destination? “Find out when you want to travel and why. This will allow ample preparation time to make the trip extra perfect,” said Simpson.

Research: Some people get caught up in the world of travel that they forget about the initial reason they wanted to travel in the first place. Smith said people should research as many destinations before choosing the suitable one. “Draw a list of potential destinations and research as much as you can about them. Find out the best time to visit, what it would cost, about the culture and the activities on offer,” said Simpson.

Budget: Simpson said people needed to be realistic about how much they wanted to spend on a holiday.

“Traveller cannot expect a 5-star holiday with a three-star budget. It simply won’t work. Draw up a budget, which will help you to decide on which place is suitable for what you can afford.” Simpson said couples on a budget should be on the lookout for discounts run by travel agencies, hotels and airlines.

Put your partner first: If you are the one planning the holiday, then it’s vital that you cater to your partner’s needs. Simpson said the planner should take into account their partner’s likes, dislikes and the items that they want to tick off their bucket list. “Little things like a bottle of their favourite champagne or making a booking at their favourite hotel can do wonders in making the trip magical,” she said.

Have fun: Simpson said the best part of a trip, besides the build-up to it, is the journey itself.

“Try to have as much fun as you can. Explore, indulge and meet the locals. Experiencing the destination and its activities will help a couple to connect and get to know each other more,” she said.

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