The world’s top destination for 2014

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The world’s top destination for 2014, is on African soil. The New York Times has announced Cape Town, South Africa as this year’s must-see and must-experience destination. Competing with places such as Los Angeles and the Seychelles, Cape Town has won over and over again. If you are planning an African safari, be sure to include this city in your itinerary! Cape Town is an excellent entry or exit point to the African continent, but this city was in fact chosen as the world’s top destination for its natural beauty, friendly people, multicultural heritage and overall, being a first class South African city. But besides this framework, what distinguishing experiences can Cape Town offer?

The big five, in style!

Cape Town is known for its world class style and luxury. But, did you know that you can experience Africa’s big five just a few hours’ drive outside Cape Town? There are various game parks within Cape Town’s immediate vicinity that offers you a full safari experience, and usually with a decent touch of luxury and comfort. Thus no need to experience city life only, hire a car and go see Africa’s big five, open spaces, charming landscapes, bush experiences and every friendly local South Africans.   

The lesser known beach secrets

Admittedly, Cape Town people are outdoor people. When offices, shops and warehouses close for the day, locals head to the city’s beaches and bays. If the thought of crowded beaches leave you uninspired, here is a little hint from the locals: there are a few lesser known secret beach spots that will make you never want to leave the African shore. If looking for a quite and peaceful spot to enjoy Cape Town’s coastal beauty, visit Oudekraal, Smitswinkelbaai, Beta Beach and a bit out of town, the beautiful Tietiesbaai.  

Africa’s most beautiful garden & hikes

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is undoubtedly Africa’s most beautiful garden. Nestled at the foot of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch is a botanical gem and one of Africa’s most distinguished natural settings. The gardens celebrated its centenary in 2013, and is in many ways a national gem, having silently observed so many of South Africa’s history. Energetic visitors can hike to the top of Table Mountain from the gardens, enjoy a breathtaking sunset view over the city, and head down via cableway. Besides ascending Table Mountain, Cape Town has dozens of hiking trails to suit every fitness level. What locals will be somewhat hesitant to share with the masses is their secret hiking places, such as hikes in the Silvermine Nature Reserve. From here, you can enjoy views over Noordhoek and False Bay, while gazing at the beautiful Cape Fynbos and small wildlife.

Cape Town culture

Although Cape Town is a world class city with the best of restaurants, shops and other luxuries, head to Long Street for a good dollop of Cape Town culture. Here you will find secondhand bookstores, antiques, markets and all other things bright and colorful. Long Street is the local heartbeat, and a visit to Cape Town would not be complete without experiencing this historic yet vibrant street. At night, there is a pleasant mingle of locals, national and international tourists, with eating and drink spots to keep all refreshed!

Cape Town is our local pride, our culture hub while staying close to nature and our roots. Whether you are looking for African wildlife, world special nature settings, beaches, parks or some urban mingle, you will find all of this and more in Cape Town – no wonder it is the most desired destination for 2014!

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