The Priceless Africa program by MasterCard promises memorable safari experiences

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Africa has fascinated the world with its authentic and genuine natural beauty, cultural history and exciting adventures for many decades.  It is exactly this combination that MasterCard is aiming to highlight with their Priceless Africa program, forming part of their Priceless Cities campaign.  Priceless Cities saw the light in 2011 in New York, and now, for the first time, it has reached African soil.

MasterCard Priceless program: celebrating the spirit of Africa

Through its Priceless program, MasterCard wants to enable its cardholders to experience and live truly unique opportunities. Because MasterCard believes that unique experiences – perhaps only available to an elite few – will add joy and exceptional experiences to their customers’ travel plans.

MasterCard’s Priceless Africa wants to celebrate the spirit of Africa.  On offer are special discounts, packages, day-trips and longer tours, and several once-in-a-lifetime African experiences. The program has just rolled out in November 2013, and already cardholders have magnificent choices in both Southern and Eastern Africa (and do not forget the African islands!), focusing on cultural, outdoor, entertainment and historic happenings. The program also provides for luxurious accommodation and dining experiences.

Home of the animal kingdom

Africa’s is the animal kingdom’s home, and the Priceless Africa program promises memorable safari experiences as well as close encounters with the animal kingdom’s greatest stars. So far, the program offers special discounts and packages for eagle experiences in South Africa, close-up encounters with whales in South Africa, and a highlight tour through the Okavango Delta across Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa’s borders.  Of course, the Priceless Africa program knows that a classical and authentic safari is the greatest desire of most tourists traveling to Africa, and hence why two key safari destinations are covered by this program: in Kenya, you can experience the Ultimate Kenya Safari and in Tanzania, the Classical Safari Wonders. Both safaris promise to showcase Africa’s most loved and feared creatures. These are excellent safari choices, as Tanzania and Kenya are rated among Africa’s top safari destinations.

The best of Africa

Ultimately, the Priceless Africa program will showcase the best of Africa – its cultural diversity, natural wonders, and deep-rooted history.  Africa features on many a traveler’s iconic wishlist, and this is exactly why this prestigious loyalty program has now ventured to African territory. To make use of these benefits (which are updated on a regularly basis, so perhaps consider downloading the mobile App to keep up to date with special offerings), MasterCard holders are required to register with the Priceless Africa program. Probably the only drawback is that the program is exclusively available to MasterCard holders. But wherever in the world you find yourself, if you’ve registered your card with the Priceless Africa program, you will able to choose among these amazing and adventurous and travel experiences. And like MasterCard says, you will be able to tell tales that few can tell! 

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