Flying safaris in Africa are among the continent’s hidden surprises

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Africa is vast. The seemingly infinite plains of East Africa, the arid zones of Southern Africa – there are so much to explore and experience. And with all this vastness, what better way to experience Africa than by air? Here are five of Africa’s best flying safaris that will leave you with a total different angle to the African landscape, its wildlife and its communities. 

1. Out of Africa Air Safaris, Kenya

This five-star flying safari offers a much sought-after combination of adventure and comfort. Yes, you have travelled half-way around the world to experience Africa’s adventure, remoteness and wildlife, but the enjoyment of experiencing this in high-end comfort is highly rated! On board a luxury Cessna Caravan, visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo West National Park and Mombasa. Another benefit of flying the Cessna Caravan is its low-flying ability, giving you a clear bird’s eye view on East Africa’s landscapes, wildlife populations and the world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro. This 8-day flying safari also takes you to authentic African overnight stays, including an overnight in Kenya’s famous Karen Blixen Camp.

2. Ballooning over the Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti Balloon Safaris is probably the single-most romantic airborne safari in the whole of Africa. On this peaceful quiet trip, take time to reflect on the African landscape which is extremely well represented by the Serengeti National Park. The quiet nature of the air balloon means that wildlife is hardly disturbed by the pale yellow and green balloon floating by. The balloon launches every morning, giving you the opportunity to experience an African sunrise from a point of view where there is no apparent end to the African earth. It also comes with a full breakfast, to be enjoyed post-balloon ride, complete with a glass of bubbles. 

3. Flying Namibia

With the red dunes, spectacular desert landscapes dotted with Oryx populations, head out on a Namibia desert flying experience with Sense of Africa. Experience the Fish River Canyon, world famous Sossusvlei and Namibia’s wildlife mecca – the Etosha National Park. Choose your own preference of fly-in safari with variety aircraft excursions to choose from. With its fair weather and impressive landscapes, flying experiences in Namibia rate highly among connoisseur African experiences.

4. Self-fly Safari®, Southern Africa

For the qualified pilots out there, taking a self-fly safari is nothing short of an adventurous voyage. Because pilots just love adventure and excitement, right? Aircrafts for self-flying safaris throughout Southern Africa are offered, with the option to fly solitude or as a group of aircraft. Finally, a way to entirely avoid the tourist crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of wildlife at a local waterhole. Off you go in your own tailor-made flying safari, with a tailor-made route. The luxury of the Self-fly Safari® is the availability of ground support, including flight planning services, flight monitoring and any other assistance required – except for the flying that is!

5. Huey helicopter, Zambia

The Victoria Falls is a must for any African enthusiast. On the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, board a Huey helicopter for an aerial view of the majestic Victoria Falls. This United Air Charters initiative allows you to enjoy the thrill of a military helicopter, while taking in views of the Victoria Falls that are seen by few in this world. Up to 13 people can enjoy this rushing waters flight and with its open doors, you will be sure to literally feel the smoke that thunders!

Africa is a continent with great diversity. Flying safaris are among the continent’s hidden surprises, as many of these safaris offer great luxury and a fair degree of exclusiveness. After all, how many people have experienced nature’s closeness from a low flying aircraft, or from a floating hot air balloon? And even if you are visiting the continent on a scheduled safari, most flying safaris can easily be integrated with other popular tourist activities on the continent.

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