Two for the Snow: Polar Cruises for Couples

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Amore ala the Arctic, Antarctica, and sub-Antarctic

You know the old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.”

We’re not doctors or anything, but in our opinion that phrase bodes well for couples who visit the polar regions.

After all, there’s a reason so many people get married in the Arctic and Antarctica, and we’re guessing it has little to do with the ice core drilling.

If you’re juggling thoughts of Italian villas, Caribbean bungalows, or glittering Parisian boulevards for your romantic getaway, remember that the place most likely to make you and your loved one cuddle up closer is the place least likely to overheat you when you do.

Here are four upcoming voyages (two for the Arctic, two for Antarctica, and a scenic stop in the sub-Antarctic) we consider among the best couples cruises in the polar regions.

Around Spitsbergen Cruise

Our new vessel, Hondius, is scheduled to embark on a voyage to one of our most popular Arctic destinations in 2019, making for a perfect two-person holiday.

The Around Spitsbergen Cruise visits the island of Spitsbergen, the largest in the Svalbard archipelago, landing also at the White Island of Kvitøya and reaching 82 degrees north. In addition to the abundant seabirds in this area, you might also spot a polar bear.

This recently discounted voyage runs from 10 – 21 August, 2019, and is our ultimate Arctic circumnavigation, a trip with endless inspiring vistas for you and your partner.

Scoresby Sund & Aurora Borealis Cruise

Autumn is a naturally romantic month, full of fiery red leaves and smoky blue evenings – and mesmerizing green auroras, if you and your significant other know where to look.

Allow us to save you the search: Scoresby Sund, Greenland.

Our Scoresby Sund cruise visits the largest fjord system in the world with the primary goal of showing you and your better half the enchanting lightshow that is the aurora borealis. And we’re betting the shorelines of east Greenland will wow you just as much.

This cruise takes place on two different ships: Plancius from 23 – 30 September, 2019 (seven nights), and Hondius from 17 – 25 September, 2019 (eight nights).

Ross Sea & Helicopter Cruise

Get some air under your partner’s wings (and butterflies in their stomach) with a 2020 aerial tour of one of Antarctica’s least-visited locations.

This Ross Sea & Helicopters Cruise is among our most exclusive trips, only offered during certain Southern Hemisphere summers. Its thrilling itinerary reveals a rarely seen Antarctic wilderness filled with prized penguin species and spectacular Antarctic icescapes.

And let’s not forget the helicopters, which will give you and your sweetheart an adventure no Scottish B&B or Napa Valley winery can top.

We have two trips planned for this Antarctic extravaganza, both on Ortelius and both 33 unforgettable nights. The first cruise runs January 13 – February 15 of 2020, the second February 16 – March 18 of 2020.

Falkland Islands, South Georgia, & Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

Sometimes all it takes to contrive an incomparable couple’s getaway are flocks of seabirds, ice-filled fjords, and a lot of picture-perfect penguins.

Our Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula Cruise on Hondius can provide you and your amorous sidekick all of the above. Spanning 20 nights from 3 November – 23 November, 2019, this polar odyssey tours some of the most coveted locations in the polar south.

Not only will you fill your cameras with pictures, you’ll fill your senses with an incredible survey of Antarctic experiences you and your beloved will be reminiscing about for years to come.

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