Top 5 travel destinations celebrities love

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Actress Amanda Du-Pont on holiday in the Maldives. Picture: Amandadupont/Instagram

Travel – a pastime that is loved by celebrities, and occurs whenever celebrities get a break from their busy schedules.

Celebrities like Somizi, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Justin Bieber have all had their share of travelling around the world and choosing to relax in the sun or explore the Great Wall of China.

5 destinations that are loved by celebrities:

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a dream destination that is framed for an old style or romantic film – it’s natural beauty is that hypnotising.

Visiting small towns like Positano or hiking to the top of Ravello mountain, Amalfi attracts everyone from the culture lovers to the adventure seeker or the laid-back tourist.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Mariah Carey have all travelled there.

Beyoncé and Jay Z recently travelled to Amalfi Coast for Bey’s birthday. Picture: Beyoncé/Instagram

2. Maldives

The Maldives is a favourite destination for both celebrities and regular travellers who desire the beach and the sunlight without major changes in the weather.

It’s white sand and clear ocean allows visitors to dive and explore what the ocean as to offer, or lie in the luxe chalets and resorts before dining in some of Maldives’ finest cuisine.

Amanda Du Pont is one of the big names who have travelled to the islands, along with British singer Rochelle Humes.

Amanda Du Pont in the Maldives. Picture: Amandadupont/Instagram

3. Paris 

Popularly known as the city of love, Paris is always a favourite for a holiday destination – whether you go as a family, or for a romantic holiday, Paris is usually the top destination.

With so much to offer, travellers get to delve into the city’s colourful history, dine in authentic French food and shop at some of the most luxurious stores in the world.

Celebrities love to share their love for travelling, which is what Somizi did when he flew to Paris with his partner and ended up popping the question and adding a love lock to the famous bridge.

4. Cape Town

The Mother City has attracted a mountain load of celebrities from around the world – all of whom were eager to take a selfie atop Table Mountain or visit Robben Island and learn more about South Africa’s history.

From the likes of Orlando Bloom, Boris Kodjoe, Ciara, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bieber – the city has played the role of a host to countless celebrities, which in turn has pushed the city’s status to one of the most popular cities to visit across the world.

5. Ibiza

Known as one of the party epi-centres of the world, Ibiza receives its fair share of celebrities visiting its island not just to let loose and have fun, but also for a wedding, a simple vacation or to film a few scenes for a movie.

Actor Michael Fassbender had his wedding to actress Alicia Vikander in Ibiza, while Paris Hilton, our very own Black Coffee, Alesso, David Guetta and Calvin Harris have each performed at an Ibiza party.

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